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Cottage Creek Gifts

Cottage Creek Vacation Fund Piggy Bank, Ceramic, 6" Multicolored Our Adventure Travel Savings Bank

Cottage Creek Vacation Fund Piggy Bank, Ceramic, 6" Multicolored Our Adventure Travel Savings Bank

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Adventure lovers, vacation gurus, cruise enthusiasts and travelers will be delighted to receive this one of a kind Vacation Fund ceramic piggy bank for adults from Cottage Creek! This cruise money bank is perfect as vacation gifts, vacation essentials, vacation party decorations, adventure fund, cruise essentials and more. This unique ceramic cruise vacation savings bank is hand dipped in lead-free glossy white glaze, twice kiln-fired, and is constructed using only outstanding ceramic stoneware materials. Our vacation money jar for adults money box, money jar has fade resistant designs on each side, are strong enough for everyday use and make fantastic coin banks and coin holders to hold loose change. One of a kind jars with lids are excellent cash jars to hold loose bills as well. Novelty office jars are 100% food safe making them ideal candy jars and jelly bean jars. These fun office decor jars will be perfect as a candy jar for office desks, candy bowl for office, funny candy jar and a candy dish for office desk! Use this versatile our adventure fund money box around the home as a makeup jar, pen holder, rubber band holder, cotton ball and qtip holder, hair accessories organizer and more! Our fun piggy bank comes in a designed gift box, making this cute jar the perfect adventure savings box, honeymoon gifts, honeymoon fund box, engagement gifts, cruising essentials, vacation gifts for women, vacation gifts for men, vacation savings bank, vacation essentials, vacation cruise accessories and more.

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Cottage Creek Jars:

Cottage Creek ceramic jars are made from outstanding stoneware ceramic materials. Our quality money jars are perfect for holding loose change and storing small items. Designs are printed on both sides with a high gloss glazed finish. Each change jar includes a snugly fit removable black lid. Cottage Creek piggy banks arrive in a uniquely designed printed gift box.